About Our School

Lourdes Academy has a long tradition of education in the Daytona Beach area.

Our Mission...

Lourdes Academy changes lives by providing a high quality Catholic education infused with gospel truths within a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment. 

Supporting Statement

The school community is Christ-centered and recognizes the value and uniqueness of each person as a child of God.  Lourdes Academy is committed to the development of the spiritual, social, and academic potential of each student.  Through prayer, liturgy, service to others, and religious formation, students are encouraged to integrate their Catholic faith and values with everyday life experiences by sharing their time, talent, and treasure.

Respect, Responsibility, and Right Choices - Lourdes Academy, a Catholic School of Excellence

We Believe…

  • The Church’s mission to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus, to build faith communities, to celebrate through worship, and to serve and understand others without distinction is integrated in a quality Catholic education; the responsibility for this integration is shared by all members of the parish and school community.
  • A challenging curriculum infused with Catholic truths and moral values is the foundation of the school program.
  • By establishing a supportive learning environment, we provide opportunities for students of all learning styles to reach their full God-given potential.
  • Each student is recognized and valued as a unique child of God in his or her spiritual, social, emotional, and academic needs.
  • Creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is a responsibility shared by all members of the church and school community ensuring success for all students.
Lourdes Academy is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference and complies with all standards defined for Catholic schools in the Province of Florida.  The school operates as the largest ministry of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, where we love the God we cannot see by loving the neighbor we do.  Father Phil Egitto, a long-time supporter of Catholic schools, leads the parish community.  

Lourdes Academy is guided by the Diocese of Orlando Office of Catholic Schools.  Bishop John Noonan, Superintendent Henry Paul Fortier, Assistant Superintendents James Cooney and Dr. Jacqueline Flannigan lead the Office of Schools team.

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What should a Lourdes Academy Student Look Like?

The Lourdes Boy and Lourdes Girl are…

Concerned: They think about others and their needs and work to improve their lives.
Cooperative: They work well with others and try to help when their classmates struggle.
Curious: They wish to understand the world and by doing so, develop empathy for others.
Enthusiastic: They are interested in and enjoy what life offers, motivated to experience more.
Loving: They want what is best for others and take action to help make it happen.
Loyal: They faithfully support and defend their faith, family, friends and classmates.
Reflective: They thoughtfully consider school, life, and others in an attempt to learn.
Respectful: They treat themselves and others in a way that would please God.
Responsible: They take ownership of their actions and ownership of their environment.
Spiritual: They pray often, have faith in God’s love, and strive to do His will.
Studious: They spend time trying to learn and excel in school.
Talented: They recognize the gifts God has given them and try to do their best.
Trustworthy: They always make the right choice, even when no one is looking.